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Curriculum Team Leader at Performing arts School

'After completing both workshops, we were definitely left wanting more choreography and more opportunities to learn and perform with Georgia.  We really appreciate her time and creativity and we hope she will come back to work with us again.'

'I can't believe it! 99/100 on their exam results - that is all thanks to you. They have the best dance teacher, my girls are going to be so happy.'





'My Daughter Lexi did a contemporary workshop with Geo Choreography and had a fabulous time. The routine taught was age appropriate and Georgia was patient and encouraging to the kids. The level of the children was varied but she included a variety of movements that could be adapted to the differetn dancers abilities. My daughter would love to come back again.'

Miss Georgia has taught me so much over the years. Not only has she been the most amazing and supportive dance teacher, she is also encouraging in all aspects and someone who will always be your own personal cheerleader!! I owe a lot of my dance journey to Miss Geo and anyone would be lucky to be taught by her and experience her brilliant choreography and inspiring teaching!



'It's great to see a group of individuals coming together like that, all working towards a common goal with such enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment. Well done to them all, especially your elite squad - who really shone out with their quality performances. '


Examiner and Adjudicator

'Georgia went on to teach a Gold Star slow routine that had beautiful musical interpretation and depth of feeling. This routine was in total empathy with the music.'

Suzanne Hammond

Examiner, Adjudicator for the ISTD

'Thank you for everything you have done for Emily since she started. She has loved competing again and a lot of that is down to you and the encouragement you gave her.'



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